Monday, September 04, 2006

Traditional labor day ... borscht!

Yesterday it was rainy and chilly and I should have made this soup then, but I didn't. Today it rained a couple of times but was otherwise warm (not TOO warm, though) and sunny and so what better to do than make borscht.

Because I was planning to pressure cook then puree the soup I didn't worry about dicing the veggies into nice bite-size pieces. Oh, and I only used half the ingredients (except for the celery and rutabaga -- I don't know what to do with half a rutabaga). I should have made the whole recipe, I'll definitely be making this again soon.

I used some Better than Bouillon because I haven't made stock in ages. The veggies in the pot:

After 10 minutes under high pressure with slow cool down:

And after pureeing in my VitaMix:

It looks a lot like tomato soup, and actually it tastes a bit like it too, but with a delightful, "earthy" flavor. I absolutely love this soup; the fact that it's so healthy is a big bonus! I've been attempting to follow an eating plan (Eat to Live) that recommends eating tons of veggies (sometimes it feels like literally) and blended foods are especially suitable for this.


At September 05, 2006 11:22 AM, Blogger michelleknits said...

I'm surprised I didn't end up processing mine as well. The big chunks of cabbage turned me off when I looked at it in the bowl. But then I ended up really liking it!


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