Monday, September 04, 2006

Out out damn spot!

Okay, so on the west coast, it's neither cold nor rainy yet. It rained once so far, and I was sleeping so I missed it. So when I heard we were making borscht, I wasn't as excited as I wanted to be. This probably also has equal parts to do with me not being too much of a beets, cabbage, or vinegar person, and this recipe depended on all those. But I am a loyal vegan cookalonger, and I also adore and trust Carla, whose idea it was, so I got cracking.

cutting up vegetables (walla walla onion=the onion exception since I usually won't cook with them, celery, and carrot)

cutting up herbs (dill and flat leaf parsley)

lovely farmer's market beets (actually, most of the veggies and herbs were from the farmer's market but i was most impressed with the beets. Actually, I like beets, I just don't cook with them often enough to fully appreciate them.)

vegetable broth (5 rapunzel cubes)

cut up carrot, cabbage, and potato (sub for the rutabaga they ended up having at new seasons AFTER i already made the borscht. The red cabbage was left over from the coleslaw!)

cut up beets and tomatoes -- a bloody scene

beety hands plus wearing my new Janet Leigh "psycho scream" barrette is all kinds of inspirational.

But then I couldn't get the beet stain off my hands.

"Out out, damn spot"

A day later, I've got clean hands and plenty of borscht!

We ended up really liking it. This was especially a thumbs up for Aaron, who seemed really hesitant about this dinner. We've eaten it twice already, and both times it was yummy and satisfying! But we've still got a ton left.

Should you live in Portland (and know where I live or how to find me), consider this a free invitation to come over and have borscht! Vanessa's coming over later, but who else???? It'll be a big borscht fest!


At September 07, 2006 1:22 PM, Blogger vania said...

that sure is some red hand you've got there. and those beets - what a shape on em! i've never seem that before - i thought they were eggplants! too bad J hates beets - we had too much borscht the year we were in KZ....


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