Thursday, March 08, 2007

cute little dumplings!!

Happy International Women's Day!

Terribly late! I've literally been subsisting on crackers, cereal and chocolate soy milk. Finally I took time out to bundle and fry some delicious dumplings.

Here are the wrappers I got in Chinatown:

I sauteed cabbage, basil, carrots and green onions:

I like the scooping, stuffing and pinching process. Then I friend them up. Ooops, I didn't use enough oil so some got stuck and broken. Still tasted good though!

Gobbled with basic tamari dipping sauce.

Other good things I've filled dumplings with: veggie ground round, glass noodles, sweet potato, sesame seeds.

Does it seem that most cultures have a dish that is rolled up carb with tasty filling? Pierogies, calzones, ravioli, spring rolls...


At March 09, 2007 7:54 AM, Blogger mishka said...

they are cute!

Thanks for adding more ingredient suggestions - I like the ground round idea :)


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