Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I love paaah

After I took these photos, I realised that I accidentally bought pumpkin pie filling, rather than just plain canned pumpkin. Silly. So the pie was way easier.

I mixed the tofu in the food processer, added the pumpkin filling and mixed really well, adding a wee bit more nutmeg and some maple syrup. Then, the stuff was poured into the Keebler graham crust and baked as directed. The top part of the crust burned at the higher temperature, but by the end the filling set really well. I have a bunch of filling leftover that I'll probably eat as a pudding.

I thought it was pretty tasty. Boy said "it's not bad".

Last week, Michelle C. and I did make the pieorgies... we'll work on our joint post soon!


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