Friday, August 18, 2006

Quesadillas My Way

I too had to improvise, and having done it yet again i can't think of a time when i didn't! I think i'll have to take a recipe and do it as it says sometime, just to try it out!

So, to start off, i made my own bean puree with black beans. Nice and simple but i used our new 3-in-1 blender (it has a specific smoothie spout and comes with food processor tools).My beans turned out a bit runny but i used canned beans so i guess that's why.

I also sauteed the veggies. I'm glad i bought the portobello mushrooms for the recipe because it was quite a nice elegant touch to the dish.

I also didn't completely follow the recipe because J is away so i only made 1 - though i did have left over bean stuff for a wrap the next day! And, nothing beats frying a quesadilla until it's golden brown - and since it's so hot out again, it was nice not to have the oven on all night!

All in all a good, simple, and quick meal. I made a side salad of dried cranberries, greens, and smoked tofu to go with it. Sorry no picture of it!


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