Friday, August 18, 2006

my quesadillas

I made this for lunch today, just squeaking in under the deadline. I wasn't in a very photogenic mood, so here are the essentials:

The inside before the final bake:

unbaked quesadilla

And after baking with some roasted corn salsa I made the other day on top:

baked quesadilla

This was very tasty and I'll make some version of it again. It ultimately seemed like a fair amount of work for the final product though (even though I also began with cooked black beans). Next time I will probably not roast the mushrooms and peppers -- I probably over cooked the mushrooms a bit as they came out pretty tough and I ended up with big chunks of mushroom as I was eating. The peppers were perfect with the same roasting time. I think grilling or even pan roasting would be fine for the future, though I admit the aroma of those roasting mushrooms was pretty intoxicating! But the combination of flavors was very nice, and if I skip the roasting step it should be pretty easy to assemble.


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