Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fishy Sticks and Chips

To prepare for this dish, I went out and bought a bit of kelp powder for the fish sticks recipe. I don't know if it was that or the garlic powder, but my cat's nose did not stop working. The aroma was just incredibly good, for all of us! Shuma the cat even jumped on the counter while i was preparing the breading mixture, the smell was so good. And so fishy, i gather!

This breading mixture was perfection. What a great mix of smells and flavours. The almond slivers added a nice texture as well. We opted to fry the sticks because there was a miscommunication in our household about how long they would take. J put the potato wedges in way before i was ready to bake the sticks.
The frying may have lead to some of the breading to fall off, but it was such a good flavour in the end, i didn't mind at all. To sound like a tv chef, the tofu was cooked to perfection - it was soft in the middle and oozing with flavour outside.I will happily make this dish again, but probably the baked version. The only thing i changed was i added thyme and 'seafood seasoning' instead of dill and onion powder. Because i didn't have those but i had these.

On the side, we had potato wedges that were baked with rosemary springs. I made a simple tartar sauce that was a bit runny but i was happy to use those little party pickles my mom bought me, ahem, months ago! And, the best way to finish this off is with a nice glass of Guinness.


At February 05, 2007 11:55 AM, Blogger Linda said...

interesting. looks yuM! thanks for sharing this idea!


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