Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tofu Meatball Sandwiches

Make a pot of spaghetti sauce (or buy a jar) and saute up some tofu (these should have been cut into smaller cubes, sorry).

Add lots of soy sauce, sesame oil, liquid smoke, and basil. This is my husband's famous tofu sausage recipe that we also use for TVP. It is sooooo good.

Have on hand a fresh loaf of locally made or homemade or any other type of good bread. This is from a local bakery. Yum!

Slice. Mix the sauce and the tofu sausage. Put on bread.

Add toppings. I added sauteed green and red bell peppers and sliced cremini mushrooms, as well as a little bit of FYH vegan mozzarella.

Broil until toasty, about 5 minutes?

Wrap in aluminum foil and take to a beautiful location for a (car) picnic.


At October 18, 2006 2:08 AM, Blogger michelleknits said...

ooh, yummy sandwich and beautiful location! montana was one of my favorite states to pass through on my way here!

At October 18, 2006 11:13 AM, Anonymous Isabel said...

I must get me some liquid smoke. It seems to be a popular choice for flavouring tofu. How much smoke does one normally use ? And which flavour works best ? Hickory or Mesquite ?

At October 18, 2006 11:18 AM, Blogger Carla said...

I use this kind:


and the water-to-smoke ratio for marinating is on the bottle. It's not too much, you can get a lot of marinating done with a bottle.

I use it to make tempeh "bacon" strips and it's so good!

At October 18, 2006 12:17 PM, Blogger mishka said...

this looks incredible!

At October 18, 2006 5:44 PM, Anonymous Isabel said...

Thanks! I'll give it a try :)

At October 18, 2006 10:12 PM, Blogger vania said...

heaven - vegan comfort food!

At October 19, 2006 12:48 AM, Blogger Ruthie said...

Truthfully, I despise liquid smoke! LOL it's not that bad but my husband puts it in *everything!* Tonight I made some roasted eggplant/tomato pasta bean dish (very italiano) and I asked him to season it. At first I could smell wine... then basil mixing with the tomatoes.. yum yum... then ewwwww liquid smoke! It was OK. But seriously, man. I think it's a throw-back to men loving to grill stuff or something :o)

I put more pictures of our picnic on my blog :) :)


At October 19, 2006 9:33 AM, Blogger Harmonia said...

Awesome! Totally awesome! ;)

Thanks for the nature pic as well!

At October 19, 2008 7:46 PM, Anonymous fyi said...

come on this recipe sucks! admit it!


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